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Lockdown Valentines Ideas

Just because we are all still in the never ending lockdown of the UK there's no reason why we can't get dressed up and celebrate Valentines Day in style. 

Why not put on your favourite Timeless London frock cook a lovely meal together and sit at the table in candlelight. 

Or play a couple of rounds of your favourite board game.

Movie and your favourite snacks snuggled on the sofa. 

A romantic walk in the snow holding gloved hands. 

Cocktails and dancing together in the living room.

A night free from phones or devices to just enjoy each others company. 

A zoom call with your significant other if you can't be together and cook the same meal. 

Although this past year has been trying we have to try to make the most out of everyday. Failing all these its a good excuse for some extra chocolate!


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