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Not Scared of Commitment

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Contrary to what some of those crazies say, we think climate change is real and fashion is not making it better. From growing textile fibers to moving fabrics around the world, making clothes sadly fuels this global climate crisis. Fashion is the 2nd most polluting industry!

We conducted focus groups with hundreds of customers. Here's what was fascinating for us:

1. Most customers were aware of the negative impact fashion has on the planet! They might not be aware of the extent, but 90% were aware that it has a degree of negative impact to the environment. 

2. 60% of the customers were conscious consumers. They wanted to shop sustainably and guilt free but they did not know how and where to shop affordable sustainable brands.

3. 100% did not know that the biggest sustainability impact of fashion happens at the raw materials stage. This is even before clothes are stitched together to make a garment.

We at Timeless London aim to solve this problem by bringing you independent,  sustainable yet affordable brands in one place, catering to all ages, shapes and sizes. 

We’re more committed than ever to sustainability, with a focus on climate action and environmental justice and we have outlined our sustainability initiatives for the year. 


In order to stop the biggest environmental impact we at Timeless London will look to move away from conventional fabrics like Cotton, Polyester and nylon and start sourcing environmentally friendly fabrics,

These include Better Cotton Initiative (BCI) cotton, natural fibres and recycled fabrics is just the beginning and we look forward to sharing with you the ways in which we can continue to innovate and improve over the coming years.

In 2022 80% of our clothing will be made from environmentally friendly material.

By 2023 100% of our clothing will be made from environmentally friendly materials.


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Thanks for making your stance on Climate Change Theory clear. Thanks to your ridiculing people who disagree with this theory as crazy I will not be buying your clothing and will unsubscribe from your newsletter. Your honesty is very much appreciated.

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